Monday, 15 November 2010

My kitty's Christmas Stocking!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!
Wow it feels goog to be back on blogger again!
Now soz I didn't post last night I was making this special cration for my kitty Coco! You would of seen her if you saw my post last night!

Here is a pic of me and her when I was doing my French homework! She jumped up on the table and started licking me and 'helping' me to type ( Even though I don't really need the help! LOL!!!!!) She is SO cute and it is a pleasure to have her!( Silent Ahhhhh!)

Any way! Onto my creation!
Today and yesterday I have been making Xmas stockings for my cats and I'm even going to make one for my little hamster, Ellie (Next to us!) Molly , my other cat , who is not very happy with us as Coco is 'invading'her personal space! She always hisses at her which makes me sad as I want them to be friends! Any tips for them to get together? Well if not hopefully the stocking I am going to make for her might cheer her up!

This is Coco's stocking! Pink , of course! I made this all by myself and I hope , hope , hope she likes it!

Compitition! Yes a prize!!! CLOSES SUNDAY 21'st of November!!!!

I will find a prize! Advertize my compitition with the picture of me and my cat!

I am having a compitition ,a autumn compition! There is 10 words here in anagrams and you can try to solve it!

Here they are!

1. galfiln = ?

2. rocken =?

3. nipeeocn =?

4. gniltsur =?

5. nobrief =?

6. kppinmu?

7. sealve=?

8. conar=?

9. delgon =?

10. srrbeei =?

Put your answers as a comment and I will pick a winner for the prize! And yes the are all words!

Have fun!



  1. ooh Georgia - a competition .. i will have to have a go at this ...
    Love the stocking ..what a lovely thing to do for your pets .. we always get ours pressies.
    regarding getting them together ... i think its just a matter of time ... when we got the dog , the cats hated him.. but now 2 and a half years later one will sit with him .. and the other just tolerates him and walks past him with her nose in the air lol
    The 2 cats are sisters and they hiss at each other one minute and the next they are best of friends and licking each other .
    I once had a cat who had kittens -and we kept one of them.. the mother hated it!!
    So i think there's not much you can do lol... Cats definitely know their own minds !
    Now off to try and solve the puzzles
    Lisa ;)

  2. Here goes ...
    2. conker
    3. pine cone
    4 rustling
    5 bonfire
    6 pumpkin
    7 leaves
    8 acorn
    9 golden
    10 berries

    Thanks Georgia - that was fun.. and had me racking my brains
    Good luck to all the entrants
    Lisa ;)

  3. great competition, had me stumped on most of them, although I did get two of them, lol! I will have to go back to school, will go spread the word hunny bunny love you, get well soon please xxx

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