Monday, 15 November 2010

My kitty's Christmas Stocking!!!

Hi Everyone!!!!
Wow it feels goog to be back on blogger again!
Now soz I didn't post last night I was making this special cration for my kitty Coco! You would of seen her if you saw my post last night!

Here is a pic of me and her when I was doing my French homework! She jumped up on the table and started licking me and 'helping' me to type ( Even though I don't really need the help! LOL!!!!!) She is SO cute and it is a pleasure to have her!( Silent Ahhhhh!)

Any way! Onto my creation!
Today and yesterday I have been making Xmas stockings for my cats and I'm even going to make one for my little hamster, Ellie (Next to us!) Molly , my other cat , who is not very happy with us as Coco is 'invading'her personal space! She always hisses at her which makes me sad as I want them to be friends! Any tips for them to get together? Well if not hopefully the stocking I am going to make for her might cheer her up!

This is Coco's stocking! Pink , of course! I made this all by myself and I hope , hope , hope she likes it!

Compitition! Yes a prize!!! CLOSES SUNDAY 21'st of November!!!!

I will find a prize! Advertize my compitition with the picture of me and my cat!

I am having a compitition ,a autumn compition! There is 10 words here in anagrams and you can try to solve it!

Here they are!

1. galfiln = ?

2. rocken =?

3. nipeeocn =?

4. gniltsur =?

5. nobrief =?

6. kppinmu?

7. sealve=?

8. conar=?

9. delgon =?

10. srrbeei =?

Put your answers as a comment and I will pick a winner for the prize! And yes the are all words!

Have fun!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

New post tonight!

Hi everyone!
OMG! I hav'nt posted since augaust! What a bad crafter I am! Well I just wanted to pop on and say Hi! Hi! And tell you that I am going to post tonight with some things I made for school! Well see you tonight!

Also just a quick note! I wanted to show a pic of my new kitten! Her name is Coco!
She is VERY cheeky and funny when she runs around the house and sprints onto your feet!

Love and Hugs
Georgia ;o)