Thursday, 29 April 2010

New project and Congrats to Jill ,Clare, Hazel , Maree

Hello everyone!
My mum has just ordered the Little Tweet's set from Ideal world so I made one of the projects by myself! All I used was a few bits of card and paper!

I am lucky anogth to been given my second award by the lovely Lisa Jane!

So now I haft to write 10 things about myself!
1.I love books
2. I love crafting
3.My fave band is the Jonas Brothers
4. My fave author is Jacqueline Wilson
5. I love all lessons at school.
6. My fave lesson is Maths!
7.I like dancing
8. I like singing allthough I'm not that good!
9. My fave book is Little Darlings By Jacqueline Wilson
10.I love JLS and Justin Beeba! Baby Baby Baby OOOH!
11.Extra! I love my mum very much she is the best ever!
I would give it to my wonderful mum but she allready has it!
So I would like to give this award to;

Hazel over at
Clare W over at
Maree over at
Jill over at

I am off to smell my scented rubbers!


  1. Oh wow this is so gorgeous!
    Love your images and fabulous paper!
    Congratulations on your award!
    kim x

  2. Fabulous cards Ceitgia and so many of them!! Where do you find the time?
    Loved reading your facts . My daughter used to love the Jacueline wilson books . I love to dance too and my favourite sun=bject at school was Maths but my daughter hates it!
    So... what do the rubbers smell of?

  3. Just beautiful Bubs! Love the papers, hey they look familiar, lol! You are just too clever, havent had a chance to make one of these yet, love you xxx

  4. Thank you my sweet this is so kind of you I will post it on my blog very shortly. Love your card the colours are yummy. Say a huge hi to everyone and I hope to ctach you on skype late Bye for now

  5. What a sweet project, and so good to be able to build something with your bits and pieces....I always try to use my scraps LOL!
    Thanks for sharing with us, I love books and crafts too, and it's good you like math, it's super useful. Have a great day!

  6. Hi Georgia,
    Congrats on your award chicken. Love your work.
    I have Blog Candy!! if you would like to have a go & get stuck just ask your mum to help you!
    Helen x

  7. Oh My goodness I have not been over for ages and just found this Georgia. I think its cause I spent too much time talking to Mtm on the phone!! Thanks so much for the award. Hee hee I loved scented rubbers when I was at school too!!! Love Hazelxoxo